Welcome to the premiere episode of District Leader, a podcast dedicated to highlighting district leaders in public education from across the country with inspiring stories of their journeys, the successes and challenges they’ve encountered along the way, and the lessons they have learned.   

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I am a career educator, of almost 30 years.  I have been a teacher, a site administrator, and a district leader.  I have also taught in several colleges and universities. In the process, I have gained insight into the role that leadership plays in educational organizations, to meet the needs of students.

  • Throughout my career in education, I have had the good fortune of working with some incredible leaders.  Unfortunately, the issues they deal with, and the systems they represent, overshadow the individual contributions achievements they have made.  
  • And that makes perfect sense.  Educational leadership, like teaching, is a noble profession that is not about individual acknowledgements and aggrandizement, but about the collective impact that can be achieved on behalf of the students we serve.

However, these podcasts will be spaces to bring focus to those district leaders who are taking on the challenge of transforming public education on behalf of 50 million students in our preK - 12 public school systems.
As listeners, you will gain access to the thoughts and ideas shared by these leaders, and hopefully leave with not only a greater appreciation for their work, but insight on the challenges and opportunities that exist within the institution of public education.
I will be introducing you to both new and experienced superintendents.

  • These leaders will talk about their journey, their challenges and successes, the issues that are presently impacting education and how they address them, as well as the direction they see for the future of public education.
  • My guests will make themselves available to you via their social networks, or even their emails.  This will give you the opportunity to connect personally with them, ask questions, or seek their advice.

The podcasts will air weekly.  We are launching with the first 3 episodes simultaneously, then following with one episode per week.

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Dr. Luis Valentino is a career educator, consultant, publisher, and leader. His commitment to the institution of public education, and his passion for contributing to its transformation has made it possible for him to develop initiatives that will serve the institution for years to come.  More recently, Luis Valentino, President of the Valgar Institute, launched District Leader, a podcast for and by educational leaders, Brainery, an online platform for learning and teaching, Wiredprofiles, a daily education digest, and Valgar Publishing, supporting new writers in their passion.

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