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My guest this week is Eve Kaltz, Superintendent of Center Line Public Schools in Center Line, Michigan.  Eve has served as the Superintendent of Center Line Public Schools since 2009, but has spent all of her nearly 30-year career in the district.  She began her education career as a teacher.  After teaching for 13 years, Eve was hired as the Elementary Learning Consultant for Center Line. She later served as principal of two different elementary schools, and as Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.
Eve received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from
Oakland University, and her Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Saginaw Valley State University.  She is an active member of many educational associations such as the Galileo Institute for Teacher Leadership, the District Administration Leadership Institute, the Michigan Institute of Education ManagementMichigan CoOp, the Michigan Association of School Administrators, Oakland University’s Superintendents’ Academy, the Southwest Macomb Technical Education Consortium, the Macomb County Association of School Administrators, and the Macomb County School Boards Association. She also participates in many local civic organizations such as the Center Line Lions’ Club, the Warren Rotary Club, and the Center Line Educational Foundation and supports many organizations that put children first, such as My College Options, CARE of Southeastern Michigan, Health Heroes, and Playworks.
Eve believes that she is blessed to serve the students and community and has instituted many changes that have led to greater opportunities for all students.  One of her most ambitious projects has been the restructuring of Center Line High School to the academy model backed by
Ford Next Generation Learning.  Four years ago, Eve and her team began the groundwork for this vision by launching a 9th Grade Academy; this fall marked the launch of the Academies of Center Line including two career academies: the Academy of Industry, Technology & Innovation and the Academy of Health and Human Services.  Eve was honored to present the etiology of Center Line’s transformative model and her ideas for the future of secondary education at the Fall MASA Conference as well as the MAS/FPS 2016 Fall Directors’ Institute. 

Eve is a leader of great faith, and believes that it has guided her along her leadership journey, and plays an important role in her daily work.

About The Conversation

An important lesson Eve has learned in her career is the need for, and the power of, relationships.  It is a critical component to securing a positive learning experience for students.

Eve has brought a number of innovations to the Center Line Public Schools.

  • Academy 21, an alternative program which offers a blended environment with a flexible structure. The program has proven to be very successful for students participating in credit recovery as well as students in advanced programs.
  • Rising Stars Academy, a culinary arts, farm-to-plate program that serves students who are cognitively impaired and between the ages of 18 and 26 years
  • The Homeschool Partnership, a cooperative arrangement that provides local students with opportunities to take multiple elective courses

The 3 Pillars:

  • Scholarship:  Eve believes scholarship is core to the work.  She believes that student success is dependent on understanding that not all student fit the same mole.  Therefore, options must be provided. 
  • Leadership and Agency: Eve integrated these two concepts through her examples on the role of scholarship in student learning. 


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"If we don't have relationships with our students... they aren't going to realize the kind of success they could."

Eve Kaltz