"...there are these skill set gaps that happen because ...even though they might have been in the system,  the system may not have really developed a strategic plan for succession leadership.  It's just whose next available or ...I deserve it, it's my turn. and we put people in positions that they are totally unprepared.  ... the system has been completely negligent in preparing them." 

Hector Montenegro, Ed.D.

Episode 023: Hector Montenegro, Ed.D.

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     My guest this week is Dr. Hector Montenegro.  Hector taking a sabbatical from his work as Superintendent, but yet appears to be as busy as always.  Hector is President and CEO of Montenegro Consulting Group, and a Senior Associate for Margarita Calderon and Associates. He provides training on English learner teaching strategies, and leadership development for administrators and instructional coaches. Hector specializes in the teacher coaching process through the use of technology, video recording and observation protocols. He is also a Senior District Advisor for the
Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and works with districts on systemic implementation of SEL.
      Hector's teaching career began in San Jose, California where he taught math at the junior and senior high school levels. He later taught and served as a site administrator in Washington, DC and in Virginia. He later served as Chief of Staff of the
DC Public Schools before moving to Texas where he served as a principal and an Area Superintendent in Austin, Deputy Superintendent for Instructional Services in Dallas, and Superintendent of Schools for three school districts in Texas: San Marcos CISD, Ysleta ISD and Arlington ISD. Hector was later an Area Superintendent for the San Diego School District in California.  He received his masters degree from Stanford University and his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin.
     As the Senior District Advisor for the Collaborative for Academic Social Emotional Learning (CASEL), a nonprofit organization based in Chicago, Hector provides technical expertise to further advance the science and practice of school-based social emotional learning (SEL) in school districts across the country. His primary focus is providing SEL professional development, research, monitoring and evaluation, policy development and implementation, and the development of SEL district standards. The goal is systemic and universal implementation of SEL standards and the adoption of evidence-based SEL programs that are sustainable and have a positive impact on student academic achievement.  
     Hector is an internationally recognized keynote and motivational speaker, appearing at conferences, conventions, universities, schools and special events in countries around the world, including Russia, Japan, China, Germany, Mexico, and others. (Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Brazil, in Chile and Peru) he is a special consultant with the US Embassies on education reform. Most recently he has served as a volunteer for the
Fruit Tree Planting Foundation in Brazil, El Salvador and Uganda. An expert on instructional designs, Hector specialized in standards development, curriculum alignment, interactive pedagogy, technology integration and effective instructional strategies for English language learners. He works directly with administrators, faculty and staff in developing leadership skills to establish structures that promote student success and support collaborative cultures that empower faculty and staff. Included in the transformation process is effective teacher training (Professional Development and higher education), mentoring, coaching strategies and evaluation. As a former superintendent of schools, Hector has extensive experience in school governance, budget, funding sources, policy development, parent and community involvement.  Additional information will be available on Hector’s biography, on our District Leader website.
He has received numerous awards including:
National Tech-Savvy Superintendent Award; State-Wide Texas Association for Bilingual Education (TABE) Honoree Award for Public Education; LULAC National Distinguished Educator Award for Commitment in Education; TCEA Texas Technology Superintendent of the Year award, and the National LULAC Educator of the Year award.

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