July 10, 2016

Dr. Lily DeBlieux

Dr. Lily DeBlieux

"...be yourself. Don't try to be anything else, anyone else, be yourself, stand by what you believe in, and walk away if you have to." - Lilly DeBlieux, Ph.D.

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Lily DeBlieux was born in New York, where she attended elementary school and two years of high school. In 1973, the family moved to Puerto Rico where she completed high school and college.

Her professional preparation includes degrees in Elementary Education (BA), Educational Leadership and Supervision (MA and PHD), all from the University of Southern Mississippi. She also obtained a Business Administration (BA) . Lily owned a technology company for six years before returning to her true love: Education. degree from the University of Puerto Rico. Her experiences include Director of Religious Education at a military base, Lily has been a teacher, Elementary Principal, Middle School Dean, Assistant Superintendent, Adjunct Professor, ESOL Instructor, Business Owner, and Volunteer Extraordinaire.  Lily was appointed Superintendent of the Pendergast Elementary School District in May, 2014. She loves her community and is excited to work with a school board that supports moving the school district to the next level of achievement.
Lily loves to spend time with family, read, travel, and serve her community. She is active in many organizations to include Glendale West Rotary, Leadership West Class 22, Glendale Chamber of Commerce and more. As an educator she founded Si NoYo, Quien?, in 2015, a company offering her services as a motivational speaker and trainer, to  empower  women to reach new heights in their personal lives and careers. She is married to her best friend, Earl, a retired chaplain who served 30 years in the United States Air Force. She has two children; Joel, a Network Engineer who owns his own business in Ft. Myers. FL and Dr. Linda, a Pharmacist in Tucson, AZ. She has one granddaughter, Evangeline.