Nov. 22, 2020

Student-Centered Learning, Personalized Instruction, and Life-Ready Competencies

Student-Centered Learning, Personalized Instruction, and Life-Ready Competencies

“Student-centered learning is a change in mindset to not have the learner become compliant to the system, but to have the system customized to the learner.”

The pandemic has presented schools with a variety of challenges, but thanks to adaptability, modern learning tools, and mature students, the Ephrata Area School District in Lancaster County Pennsylvania has risen to the challenge. Today, we speak with Dr. Brain Troop, who serves as a member of the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators and is part of the EdLeader21 Network advisory committee. In this hopeful episode, we kick things off by taking a look at how Brian’s district has responded to the pandemic, and how its community-driven approach has put it in good stead. Brian then talks in detail about the demographics of his district before touching on his experiences working with the various schools. You’ll hear about how transparency and a widespread effort helped the Ephrata District become educational leaders of student-centered learning. We get into the foundations of this forward-thinking concept. Brian then tells us about how schools in the district have adapted specifically to the pandemic, making use of what they call modified traditional instruction. Turning our thoughts to the future of education, Brian forecasts an environment that encourages life-ready competencies. To find out what these competencies are, and much more, be sure to listen in today!


Key Points From This Episode: 

  •  Hear about how Brian’s district is dealing with the pandemic.
  •  What digital learning has given to both parents and students.
  •  Brian tells us about the finer details of his school district.
  • The pandemic experience from Brian’s perspective.
  • Find out what goes into creating a student-centered learning environment.
  • The key themes of a student-centered learning environment.
  • How Brian’s schools are adopting a concept called “modified traditional.”
  • Brian tells us about the impact of personalized instructional techniques.
  • Learn about life-ready competencies and how they prepare students.
  • How changes in instructional tools are reshaping education.
  • We discuss the educational challenges that lie ahead.
  • Brian’s advice to parents, teachers, and district leaders.
  • How to create the best conditions for positive, disruptive change.

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